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904L Steel

Regular price HK$5,100.00
Regular price Sale price HK$5,100.00

904L Steel

Regular price HK$5,100.00
Regular price Sale price HK$5,100.00

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Our integrated metal bracelet is constructed of 904L, high-chromium steel, forming a lustrous path of hexagonal links that mirror the windows found throughout Chinese architecture. The individually chamfered links are paired with a clasp imbued with our patent-pending micro-adjustment system and telescopically extensible deployant blade.

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A path of brush and shimmer

Perception's quick-release bracelet forms a gleaming path that leads up to its case. The bracelet's central links feature an uncanny asymmetry in their hexagonal shapes, and once more hark towards elements like rooftops and windows found in traditional Chinese architecture.

As with the case, the same spectacular attention to finish has been paid here, with strong, even vertical brushing throughout that drops off into sharp, mirror-like chamfers along the outer edges of each link. These exterior edges are complemented by similarly gleaming reliefs on the internal boundaries — each of which has been finished extensively by hand to offer up a distinct visual contrast to the finely brushed flat expanses. On the wrist, this path breaks up into its individual tiles; each link reflecting light differently in a dazzling spectacle.

Steely comfort, with
no compromise

Beyond its design, Perception’s bracelet has been engineered for excellence. Instead of the more customary 316L stainless steel, it has been executed in steel of the 904L variety.

With a higher chromium content and the addition of copper, the more premium 904L takes its cousin’s already-famed corrosion resistance up a notch, ensuring that your watch remains in peak condition for longer.

904L also allows for a more lustrous finish, giving Perception’s many facets and angles a greater shine than they would otherwise possess. It is also significantly more difficult to machine, and with a cost several times that of 316L, has notably been likened to precious metals in some corners of the watch industry.

The quality of Perception’s material properties is further enhanced by the elegance of its dimensions, tapering across both its width and height — from 22mm and 3mm at the case/lugs, respectively, to 18mm and 2.6mm at the clasp. These dimensions make for an exceptional fit, conforming to any wrist size to the highest degree of comfort.

Concealed convenience on-the-fly

The bracelet is complemented by a fully customised, patent-pending clasp with an on-the-fly micro-adjustment mechanism that has been developed in-house. Made of no less than 32 parts, it is operated through a large, central pusher that is concealed behind our logo that adorns the middle of the clasp.
This hidden mechanism allows the clasp to remain extremely sleek, and yet no less intuitive and satisfying to use, in-line with our aim of a seamless experience in utility. The bracelet's length may be adjusted by up to a half-link without it ever leaving your wrist.
In addition to this, the clasp's deployant system hides yet another secret, featuring a telescopically extensible blade as one of our more recent implementations. This function allows us to ensure that the blade remains incredibly short, providing exceptional comfort on the wrist whilst still allowing for your hand to fit through the bracelet circumference when the blade is fully extended.

Continuous evolution from link to link

The bracelet that you see on Perception today has been markedly refined from the one that originally made its appearance on the first iteration of Perception. The gleaming chamfers were previously absent from the edges of its links, and the dimensions slightly less refined in their thickness, taper and alignment. Even the hidden micro-adjustment button on our clasp has been given a reworked texture.
These new changes were introduced largely thanks to the invaluable input of you, our customers. So many of you gave us exhaustive, constructive feedback when we sent out a survey to gather your thoughts on the V1 back in mid-2023, and for this, we are immensely grateful.
This philosophy of constant improvement through conversation and communication with you is testament to our commitment to never accept the current iteration of our watch as its final form. It is an approach that we will carry with every batch of Perceptions that we produce, and one that will guide the development of our novelties in the future.

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