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Yes, shipping is free on all orders above $500!
Under normal circumstances, your watch will be delivered within 1-2 weeks.
As the customer, you are liable for all import duties, customs and taxes levied. Payment of these is required to release your order from customs on arrival.
Taxes and duties are calculated according to the individual regulations of each jurisdiction. Please contact us if you have questions on customs processes in your jurisdiction.
Please contact us as soon as possible at if you'd like to make any changes to your order. If your order has already been shipped out, you will be responsible for any additional shipping costs incurred as result of the modifications.
We operate a 30-day No-Questions-Asked return policy. Within this period, you may return your watch at anytime provided that it is unworn.
We will handle the costs and logistics associated with all watch returns, either arranging for a courier to pick up the watch at a time and location of your convenience or providing you with a prepaid return label.
Our watches come with a 2-year warranty covering all manufacturing defects and effective from the day of shipping. Please conserve the signed booklet shipped with your watch as it also serves as your warranty certificate.
If your watch suffers a defect, we will arrange for it to be picked up at a time and location of your choosing and shipped to our location for servicing. The process takes 1-2 months. If your watch malfunctions for reasons other than manufacturing defects, you may also contact us for paid servicing.

The watches

Porcelain dials are very special. Not only does their appearance differ from regular dials, offering a range of captivating reflections, but their production is also extremely hard to control. As such producing a single good dial requires as much as producing 5 or 6 dials! For this reason, very few brands attempt to make them and porcelain dial watches typically retail in the thousands of dollars.
Yes. Both models are limited to 250 pieces, each one uniquely engraved on the back. They will never be produced again hereafter.
The Porcelain Odyssey series uses a customised Peacock SL-3006 automatic mechanical movement regulated to within +/-10 seconds/day - a highly reliable and accurate movement.
Assembly is handled by one of the most competent watchmaking groups in China with standards equivalent to Swiss manufactures. Final QC is performed by our team personally to ensure everything is how it should be.
Yes. The watches feature double domed sapphire crystals, ensuring durability and perfect transparency from all angles.
We offer a range of straps to match with your watch including blue salmon leather, grey nubuck and brown leather NATO straps. You may see more details in the accessories tab.
The figure represented on the case-back is that of Kunpeng - an animal of legend said to be a colossal bird (Peng) with the ability to turn into an aquatic being (Kun). Kunpeng is used as an allegory of the concept of Yin Yang. Rather than being separate entities, Kun and Peng are just two elements of one greater whole. We found this story to parallel our own brand whose objective is to break down false perceptions and combine the experiences of East and West into a greater whole.
Hao, or "皓", denotes a white that is pure and without blemish, much like the dials of this model.
"Ji" (霁) refers to an unobtainable blue created centuries ago from lapis lazuli. Often considered the most beautiful of blues, its colour was said to resemble that of the sky after a storm and was only used in porcelains of the highest quality.
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