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The careful crafting of Chinese
watchmaking perfection

What does it take to make
the best watches in China?

The perception of quality in watchmaking does not come overnight. Both the Swiss and the Japanese were once regarded as capitals of mass-production in the watch world, the former back in the late 1800s, and the latter recently enough towards the end of the 20th century during the quartz crisis. Yet both are synonymous with exemplary craftsmanship and mechanical excellence in today's world, and rightly so.

With Atelier Wen, we believe that China has the potential to make this very same metamorphosis — through the talent, resources and innovations that can be found within its borders. We also believe that our brand is situated at the very frontier of this transition, and that we can be one of the leaders at the forefront of this charge.

The quest for horological excellence is not a sudden one, but rather a constant, consistent process that manifests over time. It occurs in small steps, where there is always something that can be improved upon; always a more elegant means of executing a watch's design, or a more efficient construction in the engineering of a movement. This is the ethos that we have carried through the refinements between the Porcelain Odyssey and Perception lines, and one that we are fully committed to pursuing exponentially in all our projects to come.

Through this sustained process in innovation and artisanship, we envision ourselves pushing beyond the glass ceiling that hangs above Chinese horology today, and hope to one day attain the same world class reputation in quality that key Swiss, German and Japanese brands call their own.

Overcoming conventions, celebrating a culture

This pursuit of Chinese watchmaking perfection is a cause that we firmly believe in. In recent years, China’s flourishing reputation as a global manufacturing hub has seen its rich cultural heritage take a back seat, and fine watchmaking alongside it. Yet, with thousands of different crafts and an extensive history of innovation in its repertoire, as well as many talented craftspeople operating all across the country, China’s relevancy to the world of watches has never been more acute. The need to once more cast the limelight on its artistry and celebrate its horological potential has never been more pressing, lest the generational talents and age-old intricacies of these craftsmen be lost to the ages.

Atelier Wen exists in service of this, seeking to provide the unsung genius of Chinese artisans with a stage worthy of their sublime artistry. It is our mission to give contemporary resonance to their traditional crafts through the sophistication and untapped potential of their watchmaking industry, and our vision of modern Chinese design. The outcome is clear: exceptional watches that emphasise the phenomenal lineage of Eastern craft and culture that the country is more than capable of.

The gear train towards Chinese watchmaking perfection

Each Atelier Wen watch is a manifestation of our continuous quest to perfect Chinese watchmaking, and the cumulative expression of these values that we hold at our core.

A contemporary stage for exceptional crafts

Working with preeminent artisans in their respective crafts — from porcelain and guilloché, to enamel and hand-hammering, each individual line of Atelier Wen timepieces is imbued with its own rarefied spirit of workmanship found within the respective métier d’art.

This is no mean feat considering the rarity and sheer difficulty of such crafts, as well as our commitment to working with only the very best masters. The intricacies of outfitting a modern watch with handcrafted elements in a cohesive and ultimately functional way cannot be understated due to the near-impossible tolerances required in fine watchmaking, but it is a pursuit that we, and they, take great pride and satisfaction in realising.

To employ such revered techniques in the novel and contemporary settings of our watches is to reimagine the expertise of each artisan in the most unexpectedly elegant of ways. In doing so, it is our fervent wish that each Atelier Wen timepiece extends and displays an essential reservoir of cultural and artistic traditions.

Perpetual innovation

At Atelier Wen, we seek to push past the reasonable possibilities of technical innovation. From developing proprietary quick-adjust mechanisms in our bracelets and novel ways of accomplishing a dial’s construction, to our eventual goals of producing in-house movements and complications, we wish to cultivate an enhanced experience of both reliable performance and improved quality-of-life within each of our watches. Pushing our technical partners beyond their present capabilities, it is our unyielding aim to exponentially improve the quality of our watches with each and every instalment and release.

Material distinction

All the materials we choose to incorporate into our watches are deliberate selections. From the use of 904L steel and grade 5 titanium, to precious stones and rare metals in time to come, we will not settle for industry standards and believe fully that our customers deserve the very best in value, and in their enjoyment of our pieces. Despite the added costs, we see these marginal improvements as imperative representations of the quality of Chinese watchmaking, and we will continue to extend and magnify this approach in every Atelier Wen product to come.


A Contemporary Expression of
Chinese Cultural Principles

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