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Ji, "the blue of the skies after a storm"

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Hao, "a white that is pure and without blemish"

The Story of Atelier Wen

Atelier Wen was born out of a passion for horology and deep understanding of China’s pivotal role in today's global watchmaking industry. We believe in transparency and taking pride in our origins and that is why decided to create pieces that celebrate Chinese culture, crafts and watchmaking.

Our first collection, Porcelain Odyssey, was designed with this in mind - to offer the best of Chinese watchmaking through top-grade mechanical movements, unique designs and remarkable porcelain dials - all that at an affordable price.

Customer Reviews

Here is what our customers had to say.

Purchased: Porcelain Odyssey - Ji

"Great company, great product, great service!"

I highly recommend buying a watch from Atelier Wen. The products are of the highest quality and made with a novel approach, combining French and Chinese elements. The product was delivered within a matter of few days. When I reached out for a service inquiry about the clockwork, it merely took a few minutes to get a reply. One of the best microbrand watches under $1000. Great company, great product, great service!
Alexander K.
Purchased: Porcelain Odyssey - Hao

"'Hao' has become a real favorite in my collection

The Atelier Wen "Hao" has become a real favorite in my collection. It is clearly the most accurate watch I own, running at COSC standard. The workmanship and simplicity of the design contribute to a minimalist look that truly embodies the art and philosophy of the historical period. The colors of the porcelain and heat blued hands cannot be accurately described; the subdials are a subtle reminder of the "Di Zhi" phases of life, and the engraved back a reminder through the mythical representation of the constant ebb and flow of Yin and Yang. It is all set off very nicely with the beautiful salmon strap that is perfect match for the subtle and simple beauty. This watch is truly a work of art, and every aspect of it has been very well done. Hats off to these guys for a first class job every single step of the way, and watch for them to raise the standard of excellence for Chinese watches.
Michael B.
Purchased: Porcelain Odyssey - Hao

"Atelier Wen has done a great job"

Hao has been a trustworthy companion in my travels around Asia. I especially like the Porcelain dials and heated blue hands, which are truly unique and remind me of traditional Chinese bowls from the yesteryears. Atelier Wen has done a great job on capturing a Chinese essence in the Hao!
Kelvin Y.
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