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“Perception is a watch that shouldn't exist! It's too good to be true, and incredibly priced.”

Review from Fabio A.


What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: Dial bracelet movement
V2 is just about a perfect piece

It’s been now almost 2 weeks since I received the V2. I’ve worn it off and on during that time. Case and bracelet are easy to adjust for a comfortable fit . Case and bracelet finish are excellent. Dial speaks for itself. Movement
Is keep in time with my best regulated pieces. IMHO this watch hits way above its price point. I purchased 2 rubber straps. I will be using them soon. They look good. Oh the deployant is excellent also .

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: It'd just an exceptional watch ; very beautiful one
Very Good

Very Good

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: It’s dial and how comfortable it wears on my wrist.
Punching above its weight

The attention paid to the details and its workmanship is something I don’t see in the price range. It’s amazing and I can see myself smiling whenever I look at its dial.

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: The guilloche dial and polishing of case and bracelet
A culturally important piece that doesn't try too hard

I am so glad that watches from Atelier Wen can show international consumers that China is also capable of fine craftsmanship that rival the other greats in the industry. The cultural elements of Perception are cleverly included, especially the chapter ring motif and the shishi design on the caseback. These elements are uniquely Chinese while not the least obnoxious. Both the bracelet and rubber strap are comfortable to wear. I also really like the design of the watch box.

Pros: beautiful guilloche dial, polishing of case and bracelet, micro-adjustments of bracelet, accuracy of movement (I am averaging -5 seconds/day), box case and presentation, thinness of watch

Cons: loud rotor, movement does not hack, power reserve could be better

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: Bracelet, Balance, Dial
Nautilus Killer!

Owning an Atelier Wen Perception means you don’t need to buy a Patek Nautilus. The wearability, balance, and fit of the bracelet is also the best I have had next to Vintage Rolex “Jubilee” from a comfort perspective. The on the fly micro-adjustment of the bracelet also beats the Rolex Glide Lock and Tudor T-Fit.

Then there is the dial. The dial beats the best dials from Grand Seiko!

I have been collecting watches since the mid-1980’s and the Perception is simply amazing and one of the best values out there. I would buy/collect other dial colors, even a basic dial variation. The Perception platform is fantastic.

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: Dial, white rubber strap
Atelier Wen XIA Perception

Fantastic watch, packaging, execution, details are almost all immacuate. White rubber strap is also fantastic! The copper dial is magical in different lighting conditions. the way it reflects the light. Highly recommended Brand and product!

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: I love the whole aspect of the watch but the dial is the star of the show!

Balance - Atelier Wen Perception - Shopify

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: Dial and micro-adjustment, use it permanently while wearing, makes it really comfortable and increase the value of wearing it!!
AW perception V2

Overall and overwhelming watch, sits really good on the wrist, looks great, beautifully engineered and lovely made. Love the dial and the micro-adjustment. The back is georgous and looks stunning. Still always impressive if you think about how much time is needed to make this Watch. And the packaging is also incredible, the thoughtfullness of the whole design, the details…

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: Dial, Bracelet & Caseback
Xia - An Amazing Watch!!!

Dear Robin, Wilfried & Ignatius,

Thank you for taking me on this wonderful journey, a.k.a. watch collecting, specifically the “Xia” version of the Perception watch. The overall experience has been unique and special, right from the time of booking, around 12 months ago, until the arrival of the watch recently. The AW teams` passion for watches, customer-focused attitude, attention to detail and overall great people is totally palpable throughout the journey. I wish you every success and looking forward to more and exciting AW watches. You have got an AW customer in me for life!

Best regards,

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: Dail, Bracelet and the overall Feeling of this Product
China and France at it‘s Best

If you want a Sportswatch, a handguilloche Dail, Design inspired by Chinas Architecture, a passionate Team, then you have to buy this Watch. It‘s awesome.

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: The dial, case design, and bracelet
Phenomenal Watch

The watch is beautiful with a mesmerizing dial, sleek and slim case design, and a beautiful bracelet. The on the fly bracelet adjustment makes it even more comfortable and practical to wear. Customer service is excellent. Very happy with this purchase.

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: I love the thoughtfulness around all the details of a high end luxury watch, being reproduced at a brilliant price point. Bracelet is fantastic and comfortable. Case design is unique and draws upon Chinese architecture inspiration, contrast between satin and high polish throughout. Let's not forget about the obvious stunning dial and beautiful caseback. Love how a premium 904L steel was used.
I love my Perception !

This has got to be the nicest watch I own at this price point. It is perfectly executed and was worth the wait. Bravo! I can't wait to see your next masterpiece.

Atelier Wen Perception (Deposit)

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: The dial is beautiful and is well framed by the bezel.
Wrist Art

On your wrist this is just as much a piece of art as it is a practical way of telling the time.

The watch is well packaged for shipment and has a detailed instruction booklet on how to use the watch and also to resize the bracelet.

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: Price for value is outstanding.

My Atelier Wen exceeds all expectations. The (salmon) dial shines like some recently discovered sun. The bracelet kicks light from every angle. The movement is highly accurate. The entire design is obviously conceived and executed with obsessive care. Even people who are not watch nerds have commented on the unusual and beautiful design.

Balance - Atelier Wen Perception - RSVP list

An absolute masterpiece

The Perception is a true work of art. The dial is incredible. The case and bracelet throw off so much light. I love the caseback dragon. The clasp is incredible with the new telescoping part. The micro-adjust is excellent and helped me get a perfect fit. I am beyond thrilled.

Balance - Atelier Wen Perception - RSVP list

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: Amazing dial, handset, bracelet and clasp. Not to mention that awesome origin story.
The Perception is now more refined than ever

All the enhancements applied to the Perception have elevated it to one of the most refined watches I've experienced in this price range. The chamfering on the bracelet is a significant upgrade from the V1, and the new telescopic clasp blade is a feature that many haute horology maisons don't even offer.

The finishing of the guilloché dial showcases Master Cheng's dedication to his craft, as the ornamental lathes are now more pronounced. The sculpted counterweight of the seconds hand and the overall finishing of the blued hands contribute to what might be the most attractive dial I've seen on a serial production watch.

My only complaint is that the quick-adjust clasp may not have the same tolerances as the V1, as the button with the Atelier Wen logo seems to rattle in the clasp and does not deploy as smoothly as the previous version.

Would have loved to see a full exhibition case back, although the stone guardian is a nice touch!

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: Dial
1 Happy Customer

Hi Team at Atelier Wen,

I want to firstly comment on the exceptional services with regards to the support team and the delivery commitments. The email communication exchanges with your support staff was concise, transparent and prompt. Although there was a price change between my deposit and delivery period, you guys stayed committed to the original price, very respectable. I was informed in advance that I would receive the watch before Chinese New Year, and it came a couple days before Feb 10.

Secondly, the product has exceeded my expectations. From the impeccable packaging to the watch itself has features very similar to a few of my other higher end horology pieces (~$30,000 USD). The Perception being only a fraction of the cost compare to those really drives home the point of great value. This dial is very intricate and memorizing when staring into it. Knowing the fact that this amazing dial is done by hand, makes this product that much more satisfying for me. The case, the bracelet finishing and all the convenient features on this product is completely on point with what I expect a proper mechanical watch should be. I can continue praising the product, but I’m 100% certain many other owners/customers will have similar comments or mention things even more insightful.

Instead, I would like to provide a constructive feedback for future considerations (subsequent versions) to help further elevate the elegance of this amazing watch. I think the name Atelier Wen can be placed on top of the dial without the rectangular boarder behind it (I believe they call this the coffin bed), thus making this look even more extravagant. I’m only making this suggestion because everything around this design from case, dial, bracelet and packaging makes me feel its much more expensive than it really is. Hopefully its considered, I truly mean what I say.

Lastly, I love your co-founders brand messaging and I think you guys hit the nail on the head. In alignment with pivoting off of the typical stereotype of Chinese product/service expectations, you guys created a watch and an experience that not only look and feel luxurious, but also gives me a sense of pride that Chinese watchmaking is something to be proud of.

Thanks once again,

James Leung

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: dial and case
nice watch, small problem

the service team is really good, cause i got the payment and boxes problem. the cs team reply me so fast and quite responsibly. and the watch was so good, but one more thing, the watch roter have some sound on it, is that normal?

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: The dial
Grey and Blue Perception watches

Beautiful pieces in beautiful boxes!
The watches are beautiful: the dials of course, but also the polish, the back gravure. Blue arms are a plus.
The adjustable band is great and easy to adjust to the right wrist.
I would love to see other colors like the limited series like the red or green. I would definitely consider them.
If I had one wish, it would be 1 or 2 mm larger since I have a large wrist and I like large watches.

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: The beautifully crafted dial
Punching above its weight

I was beaming from ear to ear when I receive my order. It has really changed my Perception about Chinese watch making. From its concept to its design, quality built, finishing, functionality etc far beyond my expectations. It’s a very comfortable watch that I can wear all day long.

What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: the dial

the watch is great and looks a lot more expensive than it is