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“Perception is a watch that shouldn't exist! It's too good to be true, and incredibly priced.”

Review from Fabio A.
Jean-Francois Marquaire
What are your favourite aspects of the watch?: case, dial and bracelet
Fantastic, glossy and classy, all in one!

Beautiful watch, well finished, very nice bracelet, leaves my friends speechless!


After seeing the first prototypes and hearing how the Perception was conceived, I was motivated to purchase one. And when I heard of the Wristcheck collaboration with a jade green dial, I knew this was the one for me. The hand guilloche by Master Cheng is wonderfully executed and striking. I love how the dial changes to a different shade of green under certain lighting and angles. And the guilloche style and pattern is real feast for the eyes. The angular and slim profile of the case along with the expertly executed integrated bracelet lends to the overall enjoyment of wearing this timepiece. Not to mention that it’s crafted from Grade 5 Titanium so it’s light and comfortable on the wrist. A watch that looks and feels good with any outfit and a real conversation starter.

Wei Xiang

Ever since I saw the Perception on YouTube, I have been a huge fan of the design and the story of Master Cheng and his handmade guilloche dials. I since have wanted 1 so badly. The golden opportunity came when I was introduced to the good people who are backing the guys behind Atelier Wen (Sugi, Justin, Ignatius), and when they showed me the prototype, I was blown away. I told them I wanted one of the Xia. And the good guys made it happen by giving me not only just the Xia but the Piao as well! Just when you think the prototype is good- my jaw dropped the moment I opened the actual box to the actual final product before my eyes. It was spectacular beyond words. Thank you, Atelier Wen, for the pursuit of perfecting your product from prototype to the final product.

The dial, the dial, the dial. I can't stress how amazing the handmade guilloche dials are. Both the Piao and Xia's dials just took my breath away. Piao is classy, elegant, and mysterious. And Xia is brave, bold, and fearless.

Benjamin L.

How do I even begin. The experiences I’ve shared with the people of Atelier Wen have simply been amazing ever since day 1. When I think of Atelier Wen, the first word that comes to mind is ‘family’. The people are humble, genuine, honest, and sport a love not only for what the brand stands for, but for their customers and supporters as well. At the last get-together in Singapore, Wilfred took the time to move between tables and made sure he personally talked to everyone who turned up. On a separate occasion, when I messaged Robin about random queries regarding the watch, he took the time to call me to address my queries. At that point I had not yet met Robin in person, but being able to talk to one of the founders of the brand and him going the extra mile, cemented my love for Atelier. Lastly, when I first came across Atelier Wen at a booth during Spring Sprang Sprung 2022, I was greeted with hospitality and such beaming enthusiasm from both Ignatius and Justin that left such a positive experience!

As a lucky owner of the Atelier Wen x Wristcheck edition, my favourite aspect of the watch has got to be the dial. The jade green ties in so well with Chinese culture and the swirls remind me of its beautiful hills and mountains. On a practical aspect, I love the clever micro adjustment mechanism built into the bracelet which provides on-the-go adjustment without needing to take the watch off. It’s possibly one of the best micro adjustments in the business, not only at this price point, but at any price point. Lastly, I like how the watch feels on the wrist. The bracelet wraps around my wrist very nicely; the slimness of the case and the lightness of the titanium makes this a very comfortable wear and it certainly turns a lot of eyes! What an absolute stunner.

Daniel W.

I’ve been following the Perception project since the beginning. Even when Robin was just introducing me to the sketches and initial designs, I was fascinated by the concept and knew I had to get one when they came out. Fast forward to when I finally received the watch, my girlfriend and I unboxed it together. We were blown away by the amazing packaging before even getting to the watch. The attention to detail truly extends to the whole experience. I got the grey dial version, and it’s an absolute beauty. After seeing the grey, salmon, and blue dials in person, I think the grey dial is the most dramatic dial of the three. The monochromatic look of the dial is glossier and shines more than the blue and salmon dials, which are a bit more matted in texture. The grey dial also has a ton of warm/brassy undertones depending on the light, which makes the dial quite dynamic and interesting to look at under various lighting.

The rest of the watch is top notch as well, all the beveling along side the case and the bracelet is superb, the flow of that line along the profile is one of my favorite design features of the watch. I think my absolute favorite thing about this watch is the story. A proudly Chinese made watch with a dial that traces back to my home province in China, I mean that’s a watch enthusiast’s dream! If you’ve only seen photos of the watch online and really like it already, trust me, the watch presents even better in person, and it will blow you away. Highly recommend anyone to take a chance on this watch and this brand, you will not regret it!

Fabio A.

Perception is a watch that shouldn't exist! It's too good to be true, and incredibly priced. The amazing guilloche dial itself is worth more than the base price for the whole watch. The design is gorgeous. It's a watch that feels like it should belong in a much higher price category ! It's really "affordable luxury" becoming reality. That said, there are a couple aspects that need improvement, but this isn't the "Perfection".. it's the Perception, and believe me.. you will rejoice from wearing it! - My favourite aspects must definitely be the guilloche dial and the overall design.

Terence C.

The Atelier Wen Perception watch has truly captured my heart. From the moment I laid eyes on its dial, I knew it was something special.

The handcrafted guilloché dial is a work of art, reflecting the brand's dedication to exquisite craftsmanship. Its intricate patterns catch the light, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.

Wearing the Perception watch is an absolute joy. The customised automatic movement ensures precise timekeeping, and the rhodium- plated hands with Superluminova BGW9 X1 lume make it easy to read even in low light.

Comfort is not compromised either. The stainless steel bracelet feels smooth on my wrist, and the on-the-fly micro-adjustment buckle allows for a perfect fit.

Every time I glance at my wrist, I'm reminded of the timeless elegance of the Perception watch. Its beauty and attention to detail never fail to impress, and I couldn't be happier with my choice.

In my opinion, the Atelier Wen Perception watch is a true gem that speaks volumes about the artistry and passion behind its creation.
If you're looking for a watch that combines timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship, the Perception watch is an exquisite choice.

Justin L.

Atelier Wen's perception is easily my favourite purchase of 2023; as an early supporter, I saw the prototype in the metal, which was already super impressive. When I received the production model, it blew my mind. I am amazed at how Atelier Wen was able to further improve on such a well-made prototype; Perception is made to perfection. Great for first-time buyers, at the same time, a collector's piece.

My favourite aspect of the watch is the attention to detail that Atelier Wen has put out. No matter the finishing, polishing, micro- adjustment, use of 904L steel, rubber strap and hand guilloche dial, Atelier Wen gives us no less than 110%. Kudos to Atelier Wen!