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A contemporary expression of
Chinese cultural principles

Moulding a vision of a modern Chinese style

China lays claim to a rich and ancient tradition that has greatly influenced the world over the course of its numerous dynasties. The country’s plethora of arts and crafts have long been characterised by an emphasis on natural beauty, simplicity, symmetry and harmony, and acclaimed for their mastery of colour and balance, as well as the uniquely oriental geometries and motifs that are found throughout the elements of Chinese art and architecture. Yet, despite the country’s extensive cultural depth, a modern sense of Chinese style is hard to lay a finger on.

At Atelier Wen, it is our fervent hope to embolden a distinct sense of Chinese aesthetic identity. Our watches draw upon the wealth of China’s cultural lineage to conceive of a contemporary continuity of this heritage in an authentic and respectful manner. In doing so, we thereby imbue them with a possibility of what the succession of Chinese style could be, and one that resonates with all collectors in awe of the idea that is beauty.

A dream of Chinese cultural continuum

In recent times, a coherent essence of Chinese cultural identity has taken on more muted prominence against the backdrop of a modern consciousness replete with gold dragons and red scrolls.

While this is a bit of a shame given the substantiality of the country’s true cultural depth, this struggle can also mean that there is little by way of a pre-conceived answer to what constitutes modern Chinese style. It therefore presents us with the creative freedom of a partially blank canvas upon which we can structure a distinct and exciting design language for our brand, whilst holding fast to the tenets and foundations of Chinese culture.

Through this approach of conceptual genesis, it is our hope that Atelier Wen thereby comes to represent a focal point for a modern identity of distinctly-Chinese style. And by way of the marvellous medium that is watchmaking, we aim to unify a contemporary flavour of refinement that enables us to share the very best of Chinese design heritage and technical execution with the rest of the world.

Created and conceived in the Middle Kingdom

Within our watches, we choose to reimagine the lesser-celebrated aspects of China’s cultural traditions, incorporating, among other things, the delicate intricacies of its classical motifs, the lines and curves that constitute its architectures, the vibrant mythologies found throughout its history, and the contemplative sensibilities that reverberate through its arts and crafts. Rather than simply emblazoning our watches with Chinese motifs and other such plainly aesthetic elements, Atelier Wen seeks to extend this immersion across each timepiece. Through a comprehensive understanding of each cultural concept we embark on, we thematically capture the very heart of the narratives, principles and values that underpin them, and tastefully incorporate them into the watches as a contemporary, cohesive whole.

Of course, these dreams of a novel, reinvigorated Chinese style would not be remotely possible without our collaborative efforts with the very best talents in the land. Each Atelier Wen timepiece finds actualisation through the brilliant contributions of Chinese designers, artisans, manufacturers and other such partners who each impart their own unique contribution to its identity through their respective crafts and skills. We are only too proud to say that his vision belongs to them as much as us, and it is through them that we are able to give new meaning to the words “made in China”.


The careful crafting of
Chinese watchmaking perfection

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